About the Norse Film Society

  1.       The Norse Film Society, also known as the N.F.S is a student-run organization located at Northern Kentucky University. The organization was founded as a way for students to network and receive help for projects. Since then we have branched out into networking with the professional film community. We also host numerous events of our own, simply because of our love for filmmaking. The Society has well over a hundred active members and growing. In addition to an active fanbase comprised of alumni, professors, and other non-members.

          The Society is free to join and there are no obligations. People can come and go as they please, so we encourage anyone who is interested to stop by one of the weekly meetings. Meetings are hosted every Friday during the school year from 12 pm - 1 pm, inside Griffin Hall room 240.

          We are a democratically run organization and we hold elections every spring. Our elected positions are president, vice president, secretary, public relations, and treasurer. However, major decisions about future projects, endeavors or partnerships are discussed during one of our meetings. If someone wishes to contact us, please email either our current President or Secretary.

Contact Richie MacKnight or Kerry Stephens with questions
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