Some of our Work

  1. Pauly

          Pauly won both Judges Choice and Audience Choice in the College Movie Festival 2018. A heartwarming comedy about a son of a single mom who puts his mom's new date through hell to see if he deserves his affection.
  2. Absent

         One of the six Horror Roulette Films of 2018. Absent is a psychological horror about a less than perfect student who is taught an unforgettable lesson by their professor.
  3. Jimmy Jamz

         A satirical look into college life. Follow Jimmy Jamz as he uncovers the truth about college life. Made in the earlier days of the Norse Film Society, but is still a great example of some the stuff we do.
  4. Three Dicks at the same time.

         One girl is in love with three guys and she needs Abby's help... An entry into our Cards Against Humanity Film festival. This film's two cards were "Dear Abby I'm having trouble with _____ and would like your advice" and "Three dicks at the same time."
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